'Tis the season for yard sales. Big ones, little ones - even radio station sponsored onesHave you heard about the  World's Biggest Yard Sale that we're having?  This is a great event where you can join others and expose your stuff to a ton of buyers. More information below

Now - what should you sell at a yard sale to almost guarantee a return?  According to AARP.org, here are 5 "aces".



  • 1

    Costume Jewelry

    Always a big seller. Empty out your top drawers, ladies.

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  • 2

    Old Record Albums

    Wow- I could make a million bucks, but I'm not parting with them!

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  • 3

    Old Antiques

    Like typewriters, for example. You'll never know what's covered with dust under your basement stairs

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  • 4

    Barbie Dolls

    Go Figure!  So wait a minute - Ken dolls are worth nothing? SEXIST!!!!

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  • 5


    I might as well sell them.  I don't know how to use any of them.

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