A garage sale is a great way to make some money on stuff you no longer want or need. Someone else could make use of that stuff. You can find all kinds of things like toys, clothes and pipe bombs.

That’s what happened Saturday in Wichita Falls, Texas.

In a story from The Times Record News newspaper, after the authorities found out about it, the police and fire departments responded to the area of the garage sale and went into action. For about five hours, they blocked off the area and evacuated the homes and people near the garage sale. That included the people attending the sale.

The bomb squad arrived and they blocked off an even bigger area for public safety. There’s now an ongoing investigation with the wichita Falls Police and Fire Departments, and now involves The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms. There were no suspects as of Saturday night.

If you go to garage sales, what are some of the most unusual things that you have found? I doubt that you found a bomb of any kind.