This is just pure opinion, but I just can't hold back anymore about this issue.  I nearly killed someone the other day while trying to get to the station here on Kings Road in Schenectady.  Let this be a warning, joggers.

I drive every morning down Rte 155 to get to the turn on Old State Road in Colonie/Schenectady.   I do the speed limit, or close to it.  But that's really not the point.  I could be driving slow or at 75 miles per hour.  It really doesn't matter.

There are these early morning joggers.  Some run against traffic, some along with it.  Which way SHOULD you run?  I guess that's open to debate, so I went to, and it seems the consensus is to run against.


But even THAT is not the point.  Again, I've seen it both ways.  It's what these people wear.  Runners seem to think that maybe little lights on their sneakers is enough.  No way.  Some roads are pitch black in the morning.  Some have no street lights for miles.  Many mornings it's foggy.  Other times it's raining.

I have had people appear out of nowhere.  There's one guy who I used to see every single morning.  He must walk to work.  He wears jeans and a dark sweatshirt with a dark hood, carrying his lunch.  Every day he makes me jump.  I'm not expecting him.

I almost feel like I'm in a video game  You better have some super bright clothing on, because trust me, you can't be seen!  Same for dog walkers who decide to take their little pooch on the shoulder of a well traveled road.