We all worry about weight gain. Clearly, I don't worry enough to stop drinking the kinds of things that have expanded my mid section,  but it's not like I don't know I have to figure out a way to keep it in check. I don't know about you but I am just not a fan of going to the gym these days. It's hard enough to motivate myself to go somewhere I want to go let alone that place. So thanks to Reader's Digest, I found a few ways to burn calories at home.

Now clearly with all of these thing if you do them say, quicker, or maybe put some music on and dance while you do them you can increase the calories burned. In general though and as an average these are how many calories you can burn around the house doing the things maybe you don't love doing but you know you have to anyway.

1. Cooking.

While you are cooking you can burn about 150 calories an hour. That sounds pretty good, but remember if your like me and you like to maybe take a little taste now and then during the process that number will get lower.

2. Sweeping or Mopping.

I would guess this would also apply to vacuuming as well but this will burn about 240 calories per hour as it works both your upper and lower body.

3. Painting.

I hate painting myself so I don't know how many calories burned it would take to make me want to get the brushes out but if it's on your to do list, it will burn about 290 calories up for you an hour.

4. Mowing the lawn.

This job will burn about 325 calories an hour. Now keep in mind this is using a push mower and actually walking behind it. I'm pretty sure me riding my mower while drinking a beer actually has the reverse effect.

5. Shoveling snow.

I know it's Summer but soon enough you will find yourself out there with your trusty shovel, swearing to anyone who will listen that you never realized how long or wide your driveway actually was. Well it may help just a little to know that that activity, if nothing else is helping you burn about 415 calories and hour.

Now, I know you are all wondering about that other "activity" you sometimes partake in at home. And yes, perhaps some of you do actually look at it as a "chore" sometimes.  I looked it up and it seems that it would burn you about 300 calories an hour. Maybe it would be more helpful for some of you if I broke it down this way, 5 calories a minute.

God Bless.