I am packing for our Disney trip and Brian and Jess think it's ridiculous that we coordinate our shirts depending on which characters we are going to meet.

We are leaving for Disney and I put out my clothes. (photo) I obviously over packed because we are only going for four days. But we pack multiple shirts with different characters because we have a bunch of character breakfasts and dinners set up. For a couple of the days we will change a few times to accommodate the characters we will meet. I know this may come across as crazy.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we are bringing our five year old to celebrate his sixth birthday. Brian and Jess think that if we didn't have Ryan with us, we would still dress in the character t-shirts. I tried to make an argument that we wouldn't but I can't honestly say that. We love Disney and if you want to jump on Space Mountain with Brian and Jess, that's okay too...it won't bother me at all while I'm at the happiest place on earth.

(Chrissy), Townsquare Media
(Chrissy), Townsquare Media


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