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If your skin is anything like mine, things get a little weird this time of year when the weather starts to turn. I'm talking crunchy—and not just the leaves.

During the summer, my T-zone can be as oily as a bottle of EVOO but once the temperatures drop so does my skin hydration. The good news is I have an answer for this—several answers, in fact.

Living in the Capital Region, I'm used to seasons and that means my face is also used to seasons. I switch up my skincare routine as often as the local climate changes so that my skin is ready no matter what I walk outside and into.

Here are a few products my skin simply couldn't survive an Albany winter without.

Drench Your Face In Butter With Bare Minerals Butter Drench


I know, I know. Slathering your face with something called "butter" sounds greasy, dirty, maybe a little yummy, mostly just plain wrong. But once this moisturizer dries on your face you'll be crack-free and smooth. And I promise you won't feel like a fried fair food.

Scrub Your Dead Skin Problems Away With ExfoliKate


Why skin great 'till it gotta be great? Don't test me, use your ExfoliKate. OK, but seriously...even IF you're moisturizing, you want to make sure to get all that dead winter skin off your face at least twice a week. For that I turn to Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate.

Who Needs Roses —or Gold—When Your Face Can Be Both?


There are lots of reasons I love these one-time disposable face masks but the main one is because my toddler saw me with one on and told me I looked like a bagel. Before that, my husband told me I looked like Leatherface from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Really though, these masks are so soft and can be stretched and ripped to perfectly fit your face for the up-to-20-minutes you wear them. They also feel nice and cooling and smell great—and will leave your face feeling bright and fresh after a dry day.