Don't get me wrong, I am so happy that spring is finally here. However, when you think spring in March, it isn't all that pretty.

With spring comes warmer temperatures and the disappearance of snow then soon to follow the peeking through of flowers and trees in full bloom. But we all have to get through the ugly to get to the pretty. I do love spring, but the leading up to the grass growing and the flowers blooming is just gross. Take a look around the next time you are out and about. If you are in the parking lot of your local grocery store or your own side yard, it ain't pretty.

For instance, we let our dog out in our side yard during the winter months where he does his business. We don't always get a chance to pick up his mess right away. Some of this has to do with taking him out at 3:30 in the morning, other times it's freezing and we can just get it all at once later. So with this snow going away, there are land mines everywhere and as I'm reminded from my six-year-old, "That poop isn't going to pick up itself."

As much as I'm happy that the calendar says spring, my side yard says neglect and I know why it's called spring clean-up.

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