Let's be honest for a second.

This happens all the time. A fashion trend kicks in and it's all the rage. Then, a year goes by -- or ten, and we look back at photos (which, by the way, will be EVERYWHERE due to social media in a decade) and we cringe.

But, I have to admit, this one might be the cutest.

They're called Bucket Tees and the company based out of Tampa, FL is making some serious traction. The funny part is, right now, it's still being run out of one of the guys' spare bedrooms!

But, you've gotta check this out! I see so many uses for these tee's! As the founders say, they wanted to "make pockets great again." (I wonder who inspired that slogan?)

Imagine this: You're heading out to the camp grounds for the weekend, or the beach in Lake George, you're walking around the parks of Saratoga and you don't want to carry your beer, your keys, cash, um...puppy? Throw it in your Bucket Tee. No, seriously, just take a peak at this.

Right now, they have their mens line for sale, with the womens line in the works to be released soon. However, many women have been purchasing the t-shirts currently up on their website and loving them!

From circa.com:

Surprisingly, we get a lot of interest from women. Even though they have guy sizes and cuts, the girls still buy them.

— Jake Kehlenbeck, John Grellner (company owners)

So, what do you think? Will Bucket Tees be like Hammer pants and something we look back on and think "oh nooooo!" Or are they the fashion wave of the future?

You can find Bucket Tees on Facebook HERE.

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