So there is a restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri called Lambert's Cafe. This restaurant is absolutely FAMOUS for the "Throwed Roll", instead of serving you their dinner rolls they throw them to you at your table. It's their thing and it is all over their signage , website, etc.

Well, now a woman is suing the restaurant because she says her eye was damaged by a flying roll. The woman, Troy Tucker says, the roll lacerated her cornea, which severely damaged her vision and she wound up with head and neck injuries. So she just sued for at least $25,000.


Ok, maybe I can see if a roll had hit her in the face when she was not expecting it, maybe if it hit her just right it may have caused damage to her eye. I don't know, but head and neck damage? What are these rolls made of? I would think it would have to be a pretty heavy roll thrown by a major league baseball pitcher to cause neck damage. Again, I am however no expert.

SO what do you think? Should this woman be allowed to sue a restaurant for a flying roll when it was pretty clear that she had to know that while she was there, there would be rolls flying through the air? I just think people have to take more personal responsibility for their choices in life.

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