For the 2nd straight year, a December storm entered the top 10 all-time for Albany.

I am pretty sure this storm shattered records all over the Captial Region, with some towns even seeing their most snowfall ever for one storm. But when it comes to the record books, everything is centered around the National Weather Service in Albany. This one may not have been Albany's biggest ever, but it is one that will be well noted in the record books.

According to the National Weather Service of Albany, this storm and it's 22.9 inches of accumulation at Albany Airport is officially the 8th largest snowfall on record in Albany. This also made it the 4th largest December snowstorm ever recorded.

Now here is the interesting thing: this marks the 2nd straight December we have had a storm enter the top 10 snowfalls on record in the capital city. If you recall last year we got 22.6 inches of snow in Albany, which until this week also ranked at #8 on Albany's all-time top 10. We all know what happened after that monster storm last year; pretty much nothing as far as snowfall. So the question remains, will this winter also come in with a huge statement storm and then quickly fade away?

I am going to put my vote in for a winter full of big snowfalls. After all the months of businesses struggling during this pandemic, it would be nice to see those that rely on snow get a win and have a great season, Plus, having plenty of outdoor winter sports to partake in may help keep us sane as we go through what is hopefully the final months of the pandemic.

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