Shopping is like a sport to me.  Don't mock me.  Some people hunt animals, I hunt good deals!

Some people knit.  I buy cheap scarves.

So if you're like me, you consider Black Friday the first day of deal hunting season!

For those of us who will be fighting the good fight on Friday morning, just analyzed the Black Friday deals at a bunch of different stores to figure out which products have the biggest average discounts this week and which products are selling for basically full price.

And the BEST things to buy on Black Friday are books, music, and movies.  These items will have an average discount of 28%.

Toys and video games came in second, at 22% off.

The WORST discounts on Black Friday are on jewelry.  Jewelry discounted only an average of 4%.

Furniture has the second-worst average discount, at 8%.

The study also found that plenty of stores will try to take advantage of your urge to shop by marking things UP on Black Friday.  How rude!!

So beware!  And keep in mind that the study found that 17.2% of stuff is advertised at prices that are HIGHER than the price on Amazon right now!  Hope you renewed that Prime membership!

Happy shopping!  Remember, be safe and KIND out there!  We're all in this shopping game together!

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