I have to drive through Albany to get into work every morning, much like a lot of people do, and I've come to notice something that I don't understand whatsoever.

Is it just me, or do pedestrians in Albany seem like they think that they are invincible and can't be hurt by oncoming traffic? People just walk out into the road! All the time! A lot of times they don't even look before they step out into the road because they have their phone pressed so firmly against their faces it's hard to tell where their face ends and their phone begins.

Obviously they are still pedestrians, and we still have to yield to them, cause you know, Right-of-Way and all that, but it got me thinking about a new slogan for Albany that I feel like would stick if we just gave it a chance which is:

"Welcome to Albany: Where Pedestrians Don't Think Cars Can Hurt Them".

What do you think? I think it's pretty accurate.

What do you think a good slogan for Albany would be?

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