It’s finally supposed to happen tomorrow – SNOW!!!!

With all the talk about snow predicted to fall here in the Capital Region, I realized there may be a snow day tomorrow!!  I know we have had snow days already this year, but this snow day could bring us some serious snow!  So, I asked Andrea if she had any plans for Caden if he winds up home all day that we can share.   Here were some ideas she found to do, IF we get a snow day.

Getty Images
Getty Images
  1. Play in the snow – Make snow angels or build a snowman.  I would personally try to find a way to make cleaning off the cars fun!  Here’s a fun idea she saw - Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring and let the kids draw on the snow.
  2. Make silly videos – Use your phone or IPAD to make videos.  You can dance, sing or even use Snapchat to make fun pictures to post!  And who doesn’t love fun pictures posted on snow days!
  3. Bake cookies – Baking cookies or making hot chocolate is a great way to stay warn on a snow day.  Especially if you were just playing outside in the snow!
  4. Do an indoor scavenger hunt- This takes a little work, but it’s fun!  Think of things to hide or things the kids can find.  Make little game cards and off they go!  That will keep them out of your hair for a little bit!
  5. Schedule a neighborhood kids get together – kids love to play on snow days!  Maybe take turns being at each house!  You get some free time and the kids get tired out!

There you have it.  Some fun things to do on a snow day!  So, what will you really do?

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