It's 1:50pm, it's after lunch and the day just doesn't seem to be moving. You swear it's been the same time on the ticking clock for the last ten minutes. Will it ever be time to punch out?! Hey, wake up! Don't worry - I've got this! Well, with a little help from you, that is! See, I totally get it. Once you hit a certain part of the day it just feels like it'll never end. That's why the 2 O'clock Pick Me Up was created.

It's all about your requests for your favorite upbeat songs! I mean, we're not gonna go way back in the time vault, but if you have something you haven't heard much of in the last say 10 years, lets do it! Lets pump up the Capital Region and make some magic happen!

How can you get your request to me? There are a few ways to make it easy!

1) Call: 476-1077

2) Text: Marissa "Your message" and send it to 77000

4) Email:

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