We are excited to announce a Country DJ you know and love will be joining the 107-7 GNA On-Air team.

If you love Country music and you live in the Capital Region, chances are you know Dana Race. You have either heard her on the radio as she has been a fixture on Country radio here for years, or you have had the pleasure of meeting her and spending time with her at a country show at some point. The GNA team and I have had the pleasure of knowing Dana for a long time, and now we are so excited that she is joining is on 107-7 GNA!

Yes, starting this weekend you can hear Dana every Saturday from 6 to 9pm and Sunday afternoons from 1 to 6pm. It is very rare in this business we get the opportunity to add a local, well-known and well-liked DJ like Dana.  She is beloved by Country fans all over the Capital Region and we are so lucky to have her as the newest member of GNA Nation. If you have not been lucky enough to spend time with her yet, we know you are going to love her and her passion for Country music.

Welcome Dana!!

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