I don't know about you, but  If Dorrie and I have to  look at these two items ONE more time we're going to be put into straight jackets and sequestered in padded rooms.  But then again, that will give us an even worse case of CABIN FEVER!!  (Dorrie and my duet about the subject to follow)

shovel sand
photo by Richie
And if you are as sick of this as we are, you might want to come out and get your Cabin Fever PARTY on.
Parody Of "Fever", by Patti Page
lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

I've never been more claustrophobic

no matter how hard I've tried
the weather sucks and we all know it
I'm contemplating homicide
Cabin Feeeeeevaa
In the winter
cabin feeva day and nite
cabin feeva
you think I'm crazy
 I wouldn't even ask wife
I don't want to admit it
For once I do agree
The only time our room gets bright
is the light our old TV
my only social interaction
is watching Duck Dynasty
Cabin Feveeeeeeeeaaaaa
going crazy
when will we see some light
Cabin Fevvaaaaaaaa
stick your head out
they have to treat you for frostbite
I love Steve Caporizzo
How can you blame the guy
But we feel like we're locked up at GITMO
we need a party and we need it tonite

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