"Buffalo gets a lot of things right, but this ain't it, Boss!"

Brian and Chrissy from the GNA Morning Show make their version of 'Buffalo Pepsi' for a taste test.
Brian and Chrissy from the GNA Morning Show make their version of 'Buffalo Pepsi' for a taste test.

We saw the commercial on TV last week and thought it was some kind of a joke. We know y'all are tough as nails out there in western New York, and it's a good thing; this Pepsi One/Buffalo wing sauce combo isn't for the faint of heart.

Josh Allen's Pepsi Zero and Buffalo wing sauce concoction might be a "Hail Mary" attempt to spice up his taste buds, but that's only if you can choke down a few gulps.

And while Allen may possess the uncanny ability to rocket a pass 70 yards downfield, this is one concoction that should have never left his hands.

The Mafia Mary

We didn't know what to call this drink, but we started off referring to it as the "Mafia Mary", and that would change once we actually tried it.

Allen adds wing sauce to his Pepsi One
Allen adds wing sauce to his Pepsi One

This concoction was doomed from the start, and about as poorly executed as the final 13 seconds of an AFC playoff game in January.

Here’s the Recipe

Pour 12 oz. of Pepsi into a glass with ice.
Add 1 tbs. of buffalo sauce.
Stir with a celery stick.
(optional) Add a blue cheese crumble rim.

The tang of the Buffalo sauce clashes harshly with the sweetness of the Pepsi Zero, creating an unsettling flavor profile that left both Chrissy and me cringing.  The wing sauce thickens the drink while the combination of fizz and spiciness creates an odd sensation on the taste buds, making it a challenging drink to swallow.

attachment-Mafia Mary 3
Allen pretends to enjoy it

We didn't add the Bleu Cheese crumbles to the rim, but I don't think that would have really mattered.  We had our minds made up without adding the stinky cheese to the flavor profile.

This one doesn't just "fumble" in the world of flavor combinations, it's actually a good thing football games don't get decided by drink preferences, or we'd have a lot of "false starts" in the refreshment aisle.

Overall, it's safe to say that this unusual mix is an acquired taste, and definitely not for the faint of heart - which is exactly the reason why Buffalo will love it.


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