County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.

All throughout 2017, we will be recognizing one “hero” per month based on their inspirational feats, work helping their neighbors, and everyday passion.

This month we honor Tyler Brisson, an HVAC Technician from Waterford, NY. Tyler's nominator Shane says he's never met a kid like Tyler, and that he would do anything for anyone.

Not only does Tyler do great work as an HVAC Tech, he is also a volunteer at his local fire department. The giving back doesn't stop there, though. Tyler has devoted his life to helping his handicapped parents day in and day out. Shane says that Tyler prioritizes taking good care of his parents over everything else, and that he never has a bad thing to say. No matter what is going on in his life, Tyler always does his best to make sure everyone around him is happy.

Unfortunately, Tyler lost his father this holiday season. Our thoughts are with Tyler, his family, and his friends. Hopefully this small gesture will bring some joy to his day, and let him know that his community realizes what a great person he is.

This month we honor you, Tyler, thank you for being so selfless and brave. Click here to see how you can nominate a hero for the month of January, and learn more about Tyler from this interview he did with Bethany and Marissa-