A common but contagious virus forced the Gloversville Varsity and JV football teams to reschedule last weekend's games.

If you have kids, you are probably very familiar with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - officially known as the Coxsackie Virus. I know our kiddos have had it a time or 2.

CBS 6 says symptoms are typically a rash on hands and feet, fever and sore throat  It is pretty catchy! And according to CBS 6 after a Gloversville coach and player were diagnosed with the virus, school officials decided to postpone Friday and Saturday's games.

This one is kind of passed around like a cold. CBS 6 says the virus spread through sneezing and touching, so not washing hands can perpetuate it. While the virus is most common in kids, adults can contract it as well. So as a precaution, the school district postponed the football games took the weekend to clean and disinfect to prevent anyone else catching the virus.

The rescheduled games were played last night - the Gloversville Varsity team lost to Ballston Spa 41-6.




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