The ever-fluctuating travel advisory list has grown again.

And it is once again a couple of states you would not expect to have a travel advisory.  Governor Cuomo announced Monday that Alaska and Montana have been added to the New York travel advisory. Anyone who travels to those states must quarantine for fourteen days upon returning to New York. The quarantine period also applies to anyone traveling to New York from those states. With the addition of these two states, there are now thirty-one on the advisory list, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, this list was at thirty-five states. So while two have been added, the good news is it seems the travel restricted list is starting to shrink a bit which is hopefully a good sign the coronavirus is starting to slow down in hotspots across the country. Being able to freely move across the country without quarantine restrictions will surely be one of the things that really help get our economy moving again, not to mention also something that will give us all some more options when it comes to enjoying travel like we normally would.

Fewer states on this list will ultimately mean a little more normalcy in our lives.

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