Love a classic cocktail in a stylish setting? The the Berlin is right up your alley.

Ya know, personally, sometimes I just want a dive bar for a cheap beer. But then there are other times I love to class it up for a cocktail. And that is just what the Berlin is for: classic cocktails and a setting that is just a little bit more upscale.

The new cocktail lounge, according to the Times Union, will be opening later this week above Wolff's Biergarten in Troy. So what can you expect at the Berlin? How 'bout Moscow Mules, Old Fashioned's and other great cocktails. The bar will also have beer and wines available (You can see the drink menu here) and will have some food offerings from the Biergarten kitchen below.

This place sounds really cool and ya gotta love a great cocktail menu with a pretty cool setting (The Times Union posted a few photos of the Berlin). It's another thumbs up for Troy getting another cool spot to visit.

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