Things may be a bit different this Christmas season, but one thing that will remain the same is being able to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as he travels around the world and into the Capital Region. Here's how. We have been tracking Santa Claus every year to see where the big guy is in the world and when we think he'll be coming to the Capital Region. My son, Ryan, who is nine-and-a-half is a big fan of Santa. It's a lot of fun to watch him go from country to country on Christmas Eve. NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) announced that they will be tracking Santa again this year.

The NORAD website is up and running and there is a lot of fun interactive games you can do on the site with the entire family. You can watch movies about Santa, there is a gift shop, play interactive games, listen to Santa's favorite songs, learn about Santa and his sleigh in the Library, and all about NORAD. Of course, you can also track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as he travels around the world.

According to CBS 6 Albany, NORAD has been tracking Santa for sixty-five years and their interactive website has made it fun to do other things while we all anticipate him traveling to our homes on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, the site will give an exact status update telling you which country he is in and where he's heading. Santa will be the only one who will know the exact route he will be taking. So you won't know exactly when the big man will be making his stop at your house. NORAD says that's because some kids may still be awake and he may have to check back at another time.

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