Despite the economy being a little on the poor side, I feel celebrities have felt the least amount of effects on their pockets when it comes to cash flow.  People are still watching movies, going to sports events and even concerts.  So when it comes to a celebrity tipping their waiter or waitress, I find it deplorable that they leave a bad tip.  Now granted, the economy has only bad in the last few years and some of these incidents I am about to share with you are well before the economy took a dive. 

Can you guess who the worst celebrity tipper is?  Well, we'll count them down from five-to-one and maybe your outlook of that particular celebrity will change or confirm what you thought of them originally.


#5 - Jeremy Piven: he plays Ari Gold, in the HBO show Entourage.  Apparently, he went to a restaurant and instead of leaving a tip, he left a signed Entourage DVD -- how sweet, right?  Apparently, he is now banned from that particular restaurant.

4# - LeBron James: basketball player for the Miami Heat.  James went to a steak house in Cleveland; made them stay open until 4am; his bill came to $800; and he left a $10 tip.  Maybe he is saving his money to buy his own championship ring.

#3- Barbara Streisand: singer & performer, if you've never heard (of her).  According to, she doesn't always leave a tip. printed that she left a $10 once on a $457 bill!  Yikes!

The next two may or may not shock you.

#2- Madonna: singer & performer.  Madonna once held the Glamorati title as the stingiest celeb on a list of 34.  Back in 2008, her and then-husband Guy Ritchie left an $18 tip on a $400 tab.  How is that justified?  The woman is worth hundreds of millions of dollars! 

#1-  TIGER WOODS: cheapiest celebrity tipper title holder and worst husband.  While being worth $500 million, he apparently never carries around cash. reports a girl Woods was on a date with had to tip for him whenever they went out.  Apparently, he also repocketed a $5 tip he left for a waitress after he realized he had tipped her earlier in the night, according to List of the Day.

Unbelievable, right?  Were you surprised by this list?  Who were you most surprised to see on this list?