Uber has been around for about a month, and they have released some statistics on their most popular drop off locations.

So have you Ubered yet? Where have you Ubered to? A bar? A travel hub? According to a CBS 6 story, those are 2 of the most common destinations to get an Uber ride to. Here are the top 5 Uber destinations in Albany, according to the stats reported by CBS 6:

  • 1. Albany-Rensselar Train Station
  • 2. Graney's Stout
  • 3. Albany Greyhound Bus Station
  • 4. City Beer Hall
  • 5. Crossgates Mall

First, it's great to see a couple bars on this list. One would assume one of the benefits of having Uber would be folks using it to safely travel after having a few drinks, and this is proof it's working! (Several other bars also made the full list of destinations.) And it's no surprise travel hubs are big on the list. The ease of Uber to get where you need to go, door to door, makes traveling much easier.

These great results just make me think: it's too bad we had to wait so long for ride-sharing, right?


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