Have you been listening to our fine station lately?  Zac is back!  He's coming to SPAC on September 6th.  If you haven't seen his show, you're missing something amazing.  I like the guy so much, I did some extra reading about him. Here's 5 surprising things I found out about him


1.  He has 11 other brothers and sisters (any other budding musicians in that group?)

2.  His stepfather was a dentist and he got one of his patients to teach classical guitar lessons to Zac.  He stuck with it for 2 years.  Did you hear that, kids?

3.  The original Zac Brown band consisted of him, a bass player and drummer.  That's it.

Zac Brown
Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images

4. His father and he  opened a music club and restaurant together in Georgia back in 2004.   It was called Zac's  Place.  They sold it and with the money, he bought a tour bus to concentrate on music full time.

5. His first album, released in 2005 was called Home Grown.  Does that name ring a bell?  Yup, that's also the name of his current single, so I guess it brings back some memories of his early days.  (He also has his own record label now - Southern Ground Artists.  He's definitely got more people in his organization than a bass player and a drummer these days)

Can't wait to see Zac at SPAC.  Just one of the amazing number of concerts coming to the area.

(All info from Wikipedia)

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