As I sit here and write this, a cold bloodied killer is on the loose after shooting an innocent 74 year old man on Facebook Live over the weekend.  Enough is enough,  it's time for Facebook Live to step up, and shut it down.

Blaming social media "live streaming" for the denigration of our society would be foolish, but they should be somewhat culpable.  Facebook is arguably the most influential invention in the past few decades.  It's impressionable, accessible, and instant.  News outlets are often criticized for "glamorizing" murderers, giving the crazed killer the type of notoriety they crave.  How many times have you heard people say that "they get their news from Facebook?"  Facebook is the new CNN.

These disgusting human beings torturing, abusing, or killing people on Facebook Live are wired in a way that you and I can never understand.  There's a certain rush that "live streaming" provides these evil people that takes the kill to a whole new level.  We live in sick times, and it's only getting worse.  Let's stop it now.

I realize that (for better or for worse) Facebook is a necessary tool in many our lives. However, Facebook Live needs to go away, because it's quickly becoming Facebook Dead.



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