Another case of animal cruelty has been discovered right here in the Capital Region -- again involving cats.  Last week, a mother and three kittens were found in a taped box in the village of Nassau.  Three kittens were found, yesterday, in a dumpster behind the “Daily Grind” coffee shop on Third Street, in Troy.  A local woman heard a noise from instead the dumpster and when she listened closely, she heard muffled purrs and meows. 

The kittens are only three-weeks old.  They were tied in a plastic bag, inside the dumpster, but are in good health, despite.  The woman who found them, whose identity has not been released, brought one of the kittens to a friend's house and the other two to the Latham Animal Hospital.

Police plan to use trace evidence off the bag to try and find out who’s responsible.  The City of Troy has a reputation of giving animal cases a full-court press, according to police Captain John Cooney.

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