Are you just as confused as I am about this plastic bag ban? Asking yourself 'WHAT exactly is getting banned?' Let me try to explain..

Some grocery stores may make you pay, reusables are okay, some stores will have paper bags but then, some plastic bags are still allowed. Does anyone have any clue what's going on?

According to an article from the Times Union, there are some plastic bags that will still be allowed after the ban date on March 1st. If you're wondering what kinds of bags you're still allowed to use:

  • Reusable Bags: a lot of stores have these on sale right now with the upcoming ban so stock up. I've heard via Facebook that there are some great deals on Amazon too
  • Bags for meats and flowers: no worries about your meat leaking all over your other groceries or your flowers getting ruined in your car because those bags will still be allowed
  • Leftover bags: worried that the next time you go out to eat you won't be able to carry leftovers? Don't, those will still be fair game
  • Food-to-order bags: want to pick up food on your lunch break and bring it back to the office but left your reusable at home, no worries bags for foods sliced or prepared to order are also allowed
  • Bulk bags: if you get items in bulk at the supermarket, you don't have to find reusable containers, those will still be allowed too
  • Newspaper bags: worried about your newspapers getting ruined before you wake up? Nope, those bags are allowed too!
  • Laundry bags: if you get any clothes dry-cleaned, you will still leave with your clothes in a plastic bag
  • Prescription bags: if you're used to your prescriptions coming in a plastic bag, after the ban it still will
  • Ziploc bags: if you use these bags for freezing or storing items, no one is taking them off of the shelves, no worries

Did this make everything clearer? Probably not, just know that you may need to be prepared with some reusable bags so just grab some and keep them in your car just in case.

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