We are red blooded so lets face it, beef jerky may be the best thing ever created. Now a store in Latham is open and specializes in it.

The store is called Beef Jerky Outlet and has been open for a little more than 2 weeks now. I feel with all the doom and gloom of closing stores in the Capital Region maybe we should talk about a store that many people will love. I mean come on, a store that literally is doing business selling beef jerky? That is a store I can easily get down with!

Located at 640, New Loudon Road they don't sell your typical teriyaki and hickory smoked jerky which certainly are go to flavors. They also carry exotic jerky if you were ever in the mood to live on the wild side. With meat including Alligator, Ostrich and Kangaroo. That may seem a bit off putting to you but I am certainly willing to try it.

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