Not sure she will say "Yes" if you propose? Well, The Will You? Ring is the ring for you! Well, actually its more of a ring so you can propose then get her the right ring, the one she really wants.
Helzberg Diamonds says there is a new way to get engaged and The Will You? Ring, is the way to go. Advertised as Getting the Yes first, then getting the ring together so you are both happy! Getting the right ring can be stressful and The Will You Ring will take that stress away. Not sure what type of diamond? The Will You Ring takes the pressure off. You get to pick the ring together.
What happened to the surprise of the engagement? The surprise of the ring? The surprise of the proposal? Are old fashion ways gone? Aren't you suppose to be happy with the ring he gives you?
Maybe it's "the get the ring the way she wants it so everyone is happy from the beginning" thing!
I'm for the old fashion way, be surprised by it all, the proposal, the engagement, the ring? If your guy gave you 'The Will You? Ring', would you be ok with it?

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