When I was little, the best gifts for dad was the homemade kind! Well, that's because I had no money! As I got older, I would buy either a tie or a shirt, maybe something for the toolbox. Of course, every gift was received with great fanfare, 'oh thank you so much, it was just what I wanted'! Did you really want that Dad? Probably not but Thank you for making me feel like you did!
This year I thought let's find something completely different or maybe something I can use when I go to visit. I scrolled through the internet, ok, I spent a few hours shopping for myself and then finally Googled, 'different gifts for Dad for Father's Day'! I found it! A home beer dispenser by Krups, The Sub!
The Sub is described as a "revolutionary home draft system that lets you skip cans and bottles in favor of mini kegs of award-winning brews that you can rotate out like your local brewpub" according to Crate & Barrel. How cool is this? A keg party at your dad's house every weekend! Ok, we won't go that far, but a mini keg is said to stay fresh up to 15 days, so for at least two weekends, we can party at his house! Good news for us New Yorkers, it's only sold in two states, and New York is one of them.
So, bring happiness to your dad this Father's Day, skip the tie and the shirt and get him The Sub! Cheers!

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