Did your last name make the list?

Farmer's Market Schenectady
Photo By Richie

If you didn't, chances are someone you know did! Check out the list of the most common last names in Schenectady:

  1. Smith
  2. Brown
  3. Miller
  4. Jonson
  5. Jones
  6. Williams
  7. White
  8. Davis
  9. Martin
  10. Moore
  11. Wilson
  12. Clark
  13. Jackson
  14. Thomas
  15. Anderson
  16. Singh -- Hey! We know someone with this last name!
  17. Taylor
  18. Harris
  19. Thompson
  20. Adams

Some of these names seem common not only for Schenectady, but for the U.S. as a whole, which we weren't really expecting for some reason.

What's your take on this list -- are you surprised or underwhelmed? Let us know in the comments!

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