Lee Brice has teamed up with Jerrod Niemann to sing on Jerrod's new song 'A Little More Love.' Do you think we'll get to hear it at GNA's Countryfest?

I am not sure, but I pray to god Lee plays it. And from the look of things, he is performing this one out on the road:

Now, chances are Jerrod won't show up to sing this with Lee at Countryfest. (But ya never know!) One thing is for sure: this song is going to be a huge, feel-good summer hit. I can see GNA nation singing along to this one right now! Hands in the air (maybe a drink in one of them, or both.) Just thinking about it is getting me pumped for GNA's Countryfest 2016 at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds Saturday, July 9. If you don't have them yet, get your tickets now for the biggest party of the summer! Only $35 to get in, plus SUPER VIP tickets are still available!