The next 2 days on the air at 107.7 GNA will be emotional, powerful, sad and when the week is over we will do amazing things because of you.

The last year has certainly been a crazy one because of the pandemic. And more than ever, kids fighting the battle of their lives need your support. All year long, you and the rest of GNA Nation do amazing things supporting so many great charitable efforts. But over the next 2 days, we are going to ask you to really step up.

It is GNA's 16th annual Country Cares for St. Jude Kids Radiothon presented by Dom's Pizza, Subs and Wings. This Thursday and Friday we will once again be raising money to support the lifesaving research and treatment at St. Jude.

In simpler terms, we will be raising money to fight childhood cancer. We will be fighting along with kids fighting the battle of their lives. We will be walking with parents as they face head-on their greatest fear - the possibility of outliving their kids. We will be saving kids' lives, and there isn't a more worthy cause you can become a part of. You will be giving kids and their parents hope.

You will hear this phone number a lot over the next 2 days: 1-800-372-4999. That's the number for the Northeast Pest Control Phone Bank where you can become a Partner in Hope. If you do anything these next 2 days, just listen to the powerful stories about St. Jude and their lifesaving work that we will be telling on-the-air. I guarantee you will dial that number at some point to become a Partner In Hope to donate $19 a month to St. Jude. We can't wait to hear from you!

You can also become a Partner In Hope by clicking HERE.

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