There are so many delicious foods. There are so many delicious foods that I have no idea how to make. There are so many delicious foods that I need help figuring out what ingredients I need to even try to make them.

That's why we Google.

Lets be honest, Google is everyones safety blanket. Don't know how to spell something or the proper version of the word? Google it. Wondering when a movie came out or what that actors name is? Google it. Have a date and are unsure if they have a criminal record? Google, um, I think you get the point.

So, when it comes to foods across the United States, Thrillist put a post together of the most popular recipes searched for each state. When it comes to New York, I expected so many things, like the best chicken wing recipe. Or maybe something Italian based. But alas, we got a food that I pretty much need to cover in ketchup to find edible at all: Meatloaf.

Really, New York?

I mean, I guess because it can really just about have anything it, you're going to want a recipe to follow, huh? But, ugh, ew.



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