I had the most wonderful surprise when I got to work this morning. Someone had sent me a package. I say, someone because the return address just read, "Kimo Sabee, 1077  Friendship Lane". So I wont know exactly who to thank, but I know I owe them a big thanks indeed. I should give you a piece of background before I tell you what it was. Back in late January I wrote a blog called, "What are your must have albums?" In that blog I mentioned that one of my favorite albums is John Anderson's "Eye of a Hurricane". I may have also mentioned it on the air, I'm not sure but I do know that it has long since been out of print and almost no one but me remembers it.

Well, this morning, when I opened the package I actually found the album inside! This bad boy is original vinyl from 1984. And it sounds great. I was actually listening to it this morning and taking a wonderful walk down memory lane to my troubled teen years.

Some of you may have seen my Facebook status that read, "this road gets kind of lonesome, and sometimes, I get lonesome  too, but I know it wont last forever... 'cus lonely's just another state, that I'm just passin through.."  This is just one of the songs I love from this album and I made a little video clip for you too see and listen to so you enjoy the feeling of those words sung by one of the most original and soulful voices in country music.

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