It's an announcement you have been eagerly anticipating: the first round of artists for next year's Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain!

Have you maybe been speculating who will play at Hunter Mountain June 7 - 9, 2019? Well, it's almost time to stop dreaming because our first big TOC lineup announcement is almost here.

Listen to Jess on 10.-7 GNA this Tuesday at 8am as she reveals the first round of artists! This should be a big one as the first announcement always includes your headliners.

I tell you what, the timing is perfect for this. It's getting cold outside, the days are getting short and Summer seems so far away. Getting this announcement will give us that first big show to look forward to, that first big Country Summer fiesta of 2019. And you know the lineup is just going to be amazing, right?

So keep the sunscreen and coolers ready - because you are going to need them before you know it!


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