Finally Dentist's Offices Open Today
The coronavirus pandemic has had many businesses shut down for months. Slowly more and more professional services are reopening. Today dentist's offices across New York state get the green light. For me, this is great news.
Love Cowboy: It's Quaran-Time To Ditch the Dude
Tiara in Guilderland wrote this letter to GNA hoping the "Love Cowboy" could help:
My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and it breaks my heart to write this.  While most couples and families are seemingly enjoying the 'pause' to get closer and bond, the exact opposite is happen…
GNA Honors Mom & Son Dynamic Duo
Laurie Barrett and her 17-year-old son Brandon from Mechanicville are GNA's June 2020 Hometown Heroes.  What an absolute pleasure it was getting to know these two very philanthropic, caring people.  It's nice to know that during these trying times, people are using their extra ti…
Chrissy's Son Makes Candied Bacon For S'mores
During the lockdown, my son Ryan has been cooking and baking. He loves to be in the kitchen with his mom who is an amazing baker. A few weeks ago we made candied bacon to have with our pancakes and Ryan wanted to make it again to add it to s'mores.
Love Cowboy Has It Out w Potential Home-Wrecker
Analise in Argyle writes:
About 4 months ago, I started seeing a man and really fell for him. I've been seeing him a lot less because of the pandemic but he told me last week that we wants to spend more time with me as things open up.  Oh, and he also decided to tell me that he was MARRIED and to top…
The Great Escape's All-Time Attractions Ranked [GALLERY]
As I spent part of Memorial Day weekend up in the Lake George region, I passed the Great Escape.  It was kind of sad not seeing the rides in action on what would have been a huge weekend for them.  As a kid, we didn't travel much. We did do a lot of day trips up to Storytown and what is now known as…

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