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Three Upstate Towns Named Most Beautiful In America
We all know that we have beautiful small towns in and around the Capital Region. A new list is out from US News featuring the top 50 most beautiful small towns in America. There are three from our area that made the list including one that we would all agree on.
Albany Makes the List
I don't know if you saw the article posted by The Business Review, but it talked about how 6 of the area nursing homes were among the best in the nation. The report comes from the health section of the "U.S. News" I have to say , I can not be more pleased knowing this as one of my kids fav…
North And South Korean Tensions Escalate
Just when you though it was safe to get ready for the holidays and unwind, look at this.
In response to the recent North Korean agression, South Korea held a 90 minute artillery firing drill according to Reuters.