CVS Hiring Hundreds in The Capital Region
With a vaccine on the way, CVS pharmacies across the country are looking to fill thousands of positions. Here in the Capital Region, there are hundreds of jobs available. Here's how to apply and what jobs they are looking to fill.
Voicemails From Mama: Co-Pays and Politics (AUDIO)
The ongoing political saga between Mama and Papa Codes and continues. The latest voicemail from my mom was to enlighten me about the latest heated argument they got into when simply getting a prescription filled at CVS proving once again that everything, and I mean everything, can spawn a war of wor…
CVS Stops Selling Zantac
Heartburn medication has been in the FDA's radar lately and now CVS has pulled the popular name brand Zantac from its shelves because of it.
CVS Will Now Deliver Your Drugs To You
The ever-evolving fast paced world we live in just keeps getting better.  As our busy lifestyles just keep getting busier, convenience is the key to making our lives manageable.   We want it all - fast, faster, fastest - when it comes to everything from  pizzas, groceries, clothes, household product…
Do You Know This Man? [ARRESTED]
Schenectady Police have arrested and charged 39 year old Victor Mattson of Schenectady in a string of robberies. He has been charged with armed robbery, one count of first-degree robbery with display of a firearm, a felony, and resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, related to one of the robberi…
Coupon Deals
Triple coupons and Catalina's for your next order plus GREAT pharmacy deals!  It's a good shopping week!

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