HEARTBREAKING: Boy Reacts To Be Bullied (VIDEO)
I saw this over the weekend and my heart sunk.  Keaton Jones, a middle schooler from Knoxville, Tennessee was so shaken after being bullied at school, his mom had to pick him up.  A crying Keaton was too afraid to go to lunch, but he did request that his mom post this heartbreaking video t…
University of Oregon Football Team’s Snowball Fight [Video]
Players from the University of Oregon football team organized a huge snowball fight on Friday.  Things quickly got out of hand and students started unloading on random cars that drove by.
When one of the drivers got out, they pelted him and then the team's tightend dumped a bucket of snow o…
Being Bullied?
It's no secret that the internet is making bullying a hell of a whole lot easier.Back before the internet, you had to actually talk to someone to bully them. If you wanted to say something bad about someone, you ran the risk of making your opinion public.