If you played sports in high school, some of your best memories may very well be the times you spent with your teammates, from early morning practices, to shenanigans on the bus, to winning the big game. 

Most of us certainly didn’t grow up to become professional athletes, but we bet that the ones who did still hold the same amount of affection for their former teammates from back in the day that we do. I mean, think about it– high school was probably the last time many pros played for the fun of it, without the pressure and public scrutiny that comes with being an athlete in the spotlight. 

If you don’t agree, one new video proves that at least one superstar athlete still looks back fondly on his high school playing days– and we’re actually impressed by how much he still remembers about his former teammates!

Josh Allen Quizzed On His High School Football Days

Buffalo Bills QB1 Josh Allen is coming up on his seventh season in the pros (on top of the four years he played in college) so it could be understandable if his memories from high school are a little fuzzy. But apparently, his four years playing football at Firebaugh High School in the small town of Firebaugh, California made such an impact on him that he still remembers a crazy amount of details from his younger playing days. 

Josh Allen High School

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Allen admitted to Alex Day of the popular sports Instagram account Overtime that he still talks to a number of his former high school teammates, and was soon quizzed by the broadcaster on how much he remembers about them. 

Although he did get some questions wrong (no judgment), he amazingly got most of them correct, including who led his team in catches and yards, the number of the team’s starting running back, and the name of the player who executed a trick play his senior year (as well as the complicated name of the play, which frankly, made our jaws drop to the floor). 

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Considering I can barely remember what  I had for breakfast most days, this is an impressive feat! 

Watch the hilarious (and endearing video) here or below:

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