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Aaron Lewis Goes 'Redneck Crazy'
Aaron Lewis hates Tyler Farr's #1 hit song, "Redneck Crazy" and he's not afraid to say so.  In fact, he even does his own version as an answer to the original song.
Lewis, who you know as the frontman for the band Staind, and from his country song, "Country B…
Rascal Flatts vs. Aaron Lewis – The Showdown
Rascal Flatts are on a roll. The group cracked a third-straight win yesterday and last night on Taste of Country Nights radio, leaving Mumford & Sons in a trail of country dust. Today, they'll face a new challenger in Staind frontman Aaron Lewis.
Staind Singer Goes Country
Many pop and rock artists have as Alan Jackson sang "Gone Country" in the past. Sometimes it works (i.e Darius Rucker, Bon Jovi, Kid Rock) and sometimes not so much (i.e Jessica Simpson). But I think this really works.
This is "Country Boy" from  Aaron Lewis o…