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New York Yankees on the Wrong Side of the Equation
The Wild Card game wasn't exactly the goal that Hal Steinbrenner had for his franchise this year. But baseball can be a cruel game. If Giancarlo Stanton hits that baseball a fraction of a millimeter differently in the 6th inning on Tuesday, that game is tied and there may have been a different result. But he didn't and there wasn't. That is what baseball does. It is extremely humbling.
3 Games Will Make a Season for New York Yankees
They have battled the ups and downs of 156 games of Major League Baseball, played through, hopefully, the back end of a pandemic. They weathered the criticisms of the media, as their $200 million dollar payroll dipped precariously out of the playoff picture. The experts wondered aloud if Hal Steinbrenner would drastically part ways with the steady hand of general manager Brian Cashman. Or, as most think would be the likely outcome, would Aaron Boone take the hit for his underperforming squad? 3 games may answer everyone's questions.