You certainly don't wanna waste your time dating someone if they aren't any good in the sack. But how can you tell without actually going to bed with them?

Well, thankfully a recent survey has given us five subtle signs someone might be good in bed!

According to the same study, by the way, 75% of people think they are above average! Ha!

Here are the subtle ways to tell if your special someone is really special:

1.  They're empathetic. If they pay attention to other people's feelings and needs in general, they probably do it in bed too.

2.  They're a good kisser. If he or she is not a good kisser, then they're probably not great at all the other stuff either.

3.  They're spontaneous. Being spontaneous and willing to try new things usually makes one better in bed. No one likes the same old thing all the time!

4.  They're confident. Confidence is sexy. Period.

5.  They're good with animals.  Some people get a little too rough with cats and dogs, because they don't pay attention to what they want. Meaning they might not pay attention to what YOU want either.

So there! Now you can watch and learn about your date before you even make it to second base.

You're welcome!


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