If you are going to break the law, this is one of the places you should not do it.

The New York Police Academy in Albany. Yes, it happened.

According to the New York Post, last week a man was charged with DWI in the parking lot of the Academy. Apparently a State Trooper noticed this guy was acting strange. When he got out of his car and laid down in the grass, it was a dead giveaway something was up. It turns out his blood alcohol content was .28!

No matter where it happens, driving while intoxicated itself is incredibly foolish. At the least it could cost someone thousands, and at it's worst can be a serious danger and lethal to others on the road. But driving drunk in a Police parking lot of any sort is just double foolish. This whole situation is just a whole bunch of foolish.

But, common sense was obviously missing in the first place with this guy. Thankfully, this guy was in a place he could be noticed before doing any harm on the road.


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