There was supposed to be a music show at the Troy Atrium on Saturday night, but it got cancelled.

Troy Police Cars
Lou Roberts

The problem was no one seemed to know about that, including the bus drivers that brought people there.

In a story from the Times Union, there were several hundred students from SUNY Albany that had been bussed in from their campuses. After the students got off of the busses, the bus drivers drove away and the students were left in Troy basically stranded.

Fearful of a possible dangerous situation because the students crammed into the downtown streets, the Troy Police closed roads in a three-block area around Congress and Fourth Streets, and called for outside help from seven other Albany area police departments. Several businesses in the area closed as a precaution.

The Troy Police tried to help the students return to their campuses safely.  The chaotic situation lasted until about 12:30 a.m., Sunday morning, when the buses returned to pick up everyone.

It’s unknown why the show, which was billed as ‘The Official Homecoming Party,' was cancelled. Fortunately, no one got hurt, and there was no damage to any property. According to Troy Police Captain John Cooney "It was not a violent crowd, but it was potentially hazardous."

It’s nice to hear that overall the night was uneventful and peaceful.

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