A pipeline that leads into the Mohawk River was seen with red liquid coming out of it in Glenville.

Mohawk River
Google Street View

A man from Scotia that was in Maalwyck Park noticed it when he was taking a walk in the park, and notified authorities.

In the story from CBS 6 Albany, the Glenville Commissioner Of Public Works, Tom Coppola, said that they went inside the pipe but found no red substance coming from it, and the water was clear, but did find residual on the bottom of the pipe that was of a red substance.

The pipe is a storm water drain, and also used by the Glenville Technology Park as a discharge. People from the Glenville Technology Park, Department Of Public Works and New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation have been meeting about what may have happened, what the substance is and if it’s environmentally harmful or not.

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