In January of 2008, Keith Anderson released "I Still Miss You" as the second single from his C'mon! album. Written by Anderson, Jason Sellers and Tim Nichols, the song became the fastest-rising and highest-peaking single of Anderson's career: After debuting on the country charts at No. 44 in February of 2008, "I Still Miss You" hit No. 2 in September of that year.

Below, Anderson tells The Boot about how "I Still Miss You" came to be ... and how its meaning changed after it was written.

This has really become what I'm calling a "chameleon song."

I wrote it with Jason Sellers and Tim Nichols, and it's the first time I had written with those guys. When we got together, one of them told me that my song "Every Time I Hear Your Name" had really helped him get through a hard time. It was one of those surreal moments -- I've been a fan of both of these guys for so long, and to have them tell me something I created had touched them, it was one of those reality moments!

So we sat down and started writing "I Still Miss You" about his ex and about what I'd gone through with my ex. [About a year later] is when my mom got diagnosed with brain cancer, and within six months, she was no longer really Mom.

When the single came out, a lot of people were going through what I was going through at that point, and the song was touching them in a different way that had nothing to do with an old relationship. It just was about somebody who'd passed away, so it's really taken on a whole new message.

This story was originally written by Vernell Hackett, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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