The heavy snow might be over, but wind is on the way!

US East Coast Begins To Dig Out After Large Blizzard
Getty Images

As many schools are already delaying school tomorrow, I sat here wondering, why?  It’s barely snowing.  From what I hear, tomorrow is going to be windy!!  Wind gusts could get up to 45 MPH blowing snow all over the place.  So, that could be why schools will be delayed or even cancelled.  Safety first!

I wanted to also remind everyone that with all this snow and the winds coming, please check on your neighbors.  Make sure they are OK.  There have been power outages reported too.  A simple knock on the door to make sure everyone is OK could save a life.

Travel safe heading to work, be patient and give yourself extra time in the morning.  Depending on weather, the commute home may be bad too.  Snow drifts can be just as dangerous as falling snow on the roads!


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